April 24, 2015 Republic Day in Gambia, Democracy Day Nepal and Concord Day
Friday, April 24, 2015 at 11:14AM
Jeffrey J Johnson

Republic Day in Gambia - The day Gambia became a republic in the Commonwealth, a nation in north east Africa of around 2 million people. The Gambia became an independent nation in 1965.


Democracy Day Nepal - In 2006, the King of Nepal announced on television that the House of Representatives would be reformed. This marked a shift from a non democratic nation to one governed by voting. Nepal, a small country of around 27 million people is in south asia between India and China.


Concord Day - The day that in 1995 a Peace Concord was signed in Niger (a country in central Africa) that marked the beginning of the end of the internal conflict that had started in 1990. Now celebrated with cross cultural events to instill love and understanding for the youth of Niger.


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