29 April 2015, Happy Shōwa Day and International Dance Day
Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at 11:47AM
Jeffrey J Johnson


Shōwa Day - The start of what is now known as Golden Week in Japan, Shōwa was formally celebrated as the emperor’s birthday in Japan. Emperor Hirohito reigned for 63 years, during which World War II occurred. The day was a celebration of the emperor in the past but now is looked at as a day to reflect on his time as ruler of the country. Golden Week is one of the longest counties times off people get in Japan and much traveling is done then. Many companies will shut down altogether during this time.

International Dance Day - The day declared by the International Dance Council as a day to promote dance around the world. An NGO recognized by UNESCO, it hopes to spread the love of dance around the world. This year the message is about joining forces with other art forms.


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