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Chrysanthemum Festival or Kiku no Sekku in Japan 9 September

A Chinese festival from between 25 A.D. and 220 A.D. that made its way over to Japan, it is also known as the Double Nine Festival since it is on the ninth day of the ninth month.  After the adaption of the western calendar (thus becoming September 9th) it has become largely forgotten. 

During the time when people did still remember this and celebrate it they would clean their body and soul with chrysanthemum sake or wash their body with chrysanthemum water.  Unfortunately since the flower does not bloom at this time of year people no longer remember this festival in Japan but I believe it is still recognized in China where the lunar calendar is still used for some things.  I will be going into the festival in much more detail for that post when the Ninth day of the Ninth month comes around.


Thank you to the Consulate-General of Japan in Nashville TN for help in researching this.

And remember if you have any comments or correction please leave a message and I would love to hear what your favorite festival, celebration or holiday is, leave a comment here, or email holidayaday (at) gmail dot com.

Celebrate every day!

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