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May 2, 2015 Indonesia National Education Day, Kentucky Derby and Teacher's Day in both Bhutan and Iran


Indonesia National Education Day - Started in 1908 by the founder of the present educational system in Indonesia where his philosophy “we can help others learn by coaching and mentoring”


Teacher’s Day Bhutan and Iran - For Bhutan this is the birth anniversary of the King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, who instituted modern education system in Bhutan. In Iran this originally marked the day when Abulhassan Khan'ali, a teacher who was martyred in front of the National Parliament in 1961. It has since changed to representing the day that Dr.Morteza Motahhari was martyred.

Kentucky Derby - While this may seem to be just another horse race it is a time when people will come together and have a huge party, over 100,000 people attending. The culture of the race brings people together of all walks of life from people tailgating to the upper crust where the best suits and dresses. The race has been run every year since 1875.



May 1, 2015 - Children's Day (Mexico) Black April or Reunification Day


Children’s Day (Mexico) - Classes set aside this day for the children often suspending lessons for games and other activities. The children will also bring food to share with classmates. Parks and other facilities will have special activities for them and parents will often give them presents. The day started in 1925.

Reunification Day or Black April (Vietnam) - Depending on your perspective this is either a day to celebrate or mourn. The fall of Saigon happened on April 30, 1975 and marked the end of the war in Vietnam. This lead to the country being restored to one nation. For those who supported South Vietnam this is a day that many people feel they were exhaled or suffered for their support for supporting the south. For those in favor of the north this is a day they celebrate for joining the country as one. As the north were the victors there are many festival surrounding this day in the country.


29 April 2015, Happy Shōwa Day and International Dance Day


Shōwa Day - The start of what is now known as Golden Week in Japan, Shōwa was formally celebrated as the emperor’s birthday in Japan. Emperor Hirohito reigned for 63 years, during which World War II occurred. The day was a celebration of the emperor in the past but now is looked at as a day to reflect on his time as ruler of the country. Golden Week is one of the longest counties times off people get in Japan and much traveling is done then. Many companies will shut down altogether during this time.

International Dance Day - The day declared by the International Dance Council as a day to promote dance around the world. An NGO recognized by UNESCO, it hopes to spread the love of dance around the world. This year the message is about joining forces with other art forms.



April 24, 2015 Republic Day in Gambia, Democracy Day Nepal and Concord Day

Republic Day in Gambia - The day Gambia became a republic in the Commonwealth, a nation in north east Africa of around 2 million people. The Gambia became an independent nation in 1965.


Democracy Day Nepal - In 2006, the King of Nepal announced on television that the House of Representatives would be reformed. This marked a shift from a non democratic nation to one governed by voting. Nepal, a small country of around 27 million people is in south asia between India and China.


Concord Day - The day that in 1995 a Peace Concord was signed in Niger (a country in central Africa) that marked the beginning of the end of the internal conflict that had started in 1990. Now celebrated with cross cultural events to instill love and understanding for the youth of Niger.



April 23, 2015 World Book Day and St. George's Day


World Book Day - A day to promote reading, publishing and copyright around the world.  Sponsored by UNESCO and first celebrated in 1995.

International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day - Started in 2007 as a reaction to a statement by author Howard V. Hendrix who felt that stories being published on the internet for free, specifically sci-fi and fantasy were causing the venerated art of being an author to fall into disrepute. Far too much garbage going out. Jo Walton called for the publications of professional level writing to be put out on the web during this time.

St. George’s Day - The Saint day for England even though St. George is from a region in Spain, it has seen some resurgence in recent years. Mentioned as early as the 600s, St George has been said to have been with the English at the Battle of Agincourt and the highest Order of Knighthood in England is the the Order of the Garter which under St. George’s banner. Not only that but it is also included in the Union Jack, what many people think is the English flag but is actually the flag of Great Britain. That is the white, red and blue flag and it incorporates the banners of St Patrick (of Ireland), St Andrew (of Scotland) and of course St. George. Back in the 15th century the feast day was almost as big an event as Christmas, though of course Christmas was a completely different thing than we see today. The day did start to less in attention through the years though seems to be coming back. It is a day to celebrate things English. And to tie it back to the start it is also the reason England does not have Book Day on the 23 of April but instead has theirs on the first Thursday in March.