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Celebration of the Slavery Abolition Act 1833, Minden Day and Yorkshire Day, August 1

August 1

Celebration of the Slavery Abolition Act 1833

This was the Act of Parliament of Great Britain that outlawed slavery in the British Empire save for a few areas that were covered by other acts. Today mostly celebrated as part of Carnival in the Caribbean, it still an important turning point in the West's understanding and treatment of their fellow human beings. In reality it only freed those who were six years and younger, but did mark the beginning of the end of slavery in the Empire.

Minden Day

Soldiers of certain British regiments wear roses on their head gear on this day to mark their regiments involvement during the Battle of Minden during the 7 years war in 1759. It was thought to be a turning point during the war.

Yorkshire Day

A day to celebrate the distinctive culture of the people of Yorkshire, the day was chosen to coincide with both Minden Day and the Abolition of Slavery. Minden Day as one of the regiments during the battle was from there and the Abolition of Slavery was because a key figure in the championing of the cause in the British Parliament was from Yorkshire.  Through out the county events happen to show off Yorkshire pride.

Happy Yorkshire Day

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