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Festival of the Nations, Nashville TN 09/12/09

I tried to get as many hello or something like that as I could.On Saturday I want to the Festival of Nations, an event that celebrates cultures in the Nashville area.  Their motto is Unity through Diversity.  This was the first celebration that I attended in an official capacity and did so by having a booth to try and get the word out about this blog and podcast.  The reception I received was very positive and am very happy about that.


The organizers of the festival have different ones through out the year that focus on different ethnic groups but this is the biggest one and brings all countries together.  It was a great atmospher with lots of wonderful music and dancing.  So many different kinds of food to taste (did not get to try nearly enough).  I know that these sorts of things happen in many places and recommend going to as many as you can.

I was able to get a number of pictures while I was there of the parade, hope you enjoy them.

Even had a sea worthy viking ship


Launch of the new site design 

I hope this design will be easier to read.


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