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RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival, June 19 2010

Saturday June 19t I got the opportunity to actually go to the RC Cola and Moon Pie festival in Bell Buckle ,TN.  It was a cute little festival that has been around for 15 years, mostly arts and crafts.  For those who may not have heard of either of these RC Cola is a cola soft drink that apparently was mostly in rural areas a while back, before Coke and Pepsi made their way to every town and village in the United States.  I personally remember this being the cola of choice at my house while growing up.  I think it was a few cents cheaper and that was the real reason we had it and not Coke.  A Moon Pie is this “treat” of a marshmallow like center with two cake kind of things covered in chocolate.  I say marshmallow like and cake kind of thing because I don’t think they actually qualify as either but they aren't that bad.  While not being from the south I can not say this with any real certainly but my understanding is that a summer time treat was going to the local store and having an ice cold RC and Moon Pie.  So the festival is trying to keep alive the memory of these good old days.  

Bell Buckle seems to be a very small town but quaint and historic and the festival is an opportunity to visit during an interesting time and share in an old custom. If you make it on time you can even get a piece of the world’s largest Moon Pie (unfortunately I did not make it).  
While there you might even be lucky enough to see a local politician who is running for office with Ab Lincoln.


But remember to pick up your own RC and Moon Pie.



Today is Setsuban in Japan, the demarcation of one season to another.  While there are four through out the year the one marking the passing of winter to spring is associated more with traditions then the others.  More rightly known as Risshun it is also called Bean Throwing Festival becasue of the association of traditional throwing of beans during this time.  The male head of the family, the toshiotoko, will throw soybeans out the front door or at members of the family wearing demon masks to ride the house of evil spirts.  They will do this while chanting "Demons out! Good luck in!' or in Japanies "Oni we soto! Fuju wa uchi!'.


At Buddhist and Shinto temples people will be choosen to throw beans to waiting audiences.  These people will be both men and women, toshi-otoko and toshi-onna respectivly.  They are chosen based on the year they where born in the Chinese zodiac.  With 12 animals, one representing each year, the people who where born on the same year as the current zodac animal will have the honor of throwing the beans.  At some temples it will not be just beans that are thrown, but gifts of candy, small envelopes of money and other small gifts.  Celebraties are sometimes invited to these events and may even been televised. 


So have a happy Setsuban!



Update from after the L.A.O. Talent Show

I wanted to do a quick up date, the show was great seemed like everyone had a good time and the performers did an outstanding job.


I had a few people come and talk to me about the table I had set up which was nice the there seemed to be some interest.  I even talked with someone who would be a great co-host who is at least considering helping me out, more on that later after I get a chance to talk with her.


I will go ahead and let you know that for the next couple of days the blog may not have many posts as I have yet to find much in the way of holidays this week, but things pick up much more starting the week after.  Remember if you know of something going on let me know.


Happy Holidays!



L.A.O. Talent show in Nashville

It has been a little while since I have made a post but don't worry this does not mean I have disappeared just getting things straight behind the scenes.  


Today I am going to a talent show that is being put on by L.A.O. (Laotian American Outreach) a Nashville based organization that is helping to bring the Lao community and all it has to offer to the attention of the general public.  They are a great bunch of people and I highly suggest going to their website and taking a look at all the wonderful work they do (but you may want to wait a little while as they are redoing their wedsite so it may not work at the moment, in the mean time check out their YouTube page)


Well, just wanted to make sure you didn't think I forgot about you and I will be posting more very soon and I will get a new Podcast up after the show and let you know all the great things that happened there.

Happy Holiday!



P.S. you can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


New Podcast