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Children's Day, Paraguay (August 16)

A national holiday commemerating the childern lost in a battle during the late 1800.


Some places to look for more information:


Don't forget to send me festivals, celebrations and holidays I should be including, as little or as much information as you can.

Have a great day!!


Working on getting more days to write about.

I have been trying to come up with the information I need to make this a fully functional blog by myself but have been a little overwhelmed with all the information I need to try and find on my own and add to this part of my original point was to have those who may read this blog submit celebrations they like and know about I have decided to try and reach out to more people.

In case you are new to this blog maybe I should explain the idea.  I am hoping to highlight a celebration/festival/holiday everyday of the year from some where in the world.  Not just your standard National Day (like Independance Day in the United States) or big ones like Christmas but also the smaller ones that have significancs to people even if they may be a village or town (or smaller possibly).  I will also be putting out a podcast of the upcoming week so you know what to excpect and maybe want to check out a head of time.  This is all about having fun and learning about people from all over the world, maybe even your own back yard so please join in.

While I may not be updating this every day to begin with I am going to by making a much greater push to try and get people to help my fill in the days I am missing and the more feed back I get on days from everyone the more days I can fill and the better the information will be.  So I am asking that if you visit this page please either leave a comment or send me an email with as much or little information you may have on a celebration.  The only thing I ask is that it be something that people really recognize and celebrate in someway, I am not looking for crazy holidays that people make up but no one celebrates.

Thank you so much in advance for the help and support!



Heading to Washington DC to visit Cultural Centers

I have been working in the background for quite awhile now trying to build up a repository of holidays/celebrations/festivals so I can keep this up to-date without stressing about it.  I have had some luck with this but have not gotten to where I would like to be.  I happen to be visiting my family who lives in the DC area and it just dawned on me that there are many many places in this area that would have places to help out in something like this so will be checking those out today.  I will of course keep this updated with my progress but cross your fingers for me.

On a side note if you have any holidays/celebrations/festivals that you think should be included here please let me know comment here or email holidayaday using the gmail account or even send a tweet to @holidayaday (and you can follow if your not now).  It doesn't have to be a long article full of details, the name and any information would be a huge help.

And a side side note, if you have another/better word I can use to describe what I am looking for please suggest it, holiday/celebration/festival is long and cumbersome but I believe they are slightly different and don't want to leave one out.

Have a great day!!


Festival Au Desert, January 6, 7 and 8 2011

Established in January 2001, this festival hearkens back to a time when the people of the south Sahara would come together to exchange knowledge and resolve conflict.  Today it is a gathering of musicians and those interested in sharing their art and/or culture.  Centering mostly on the music there are many additional aspects to the festival with traditional dancing, ritual sword fighting and other traditions from the area including camel races.

While the culture of the desert, the Tuareg or “Blue Men of the Desert”,  are the center of the festival musicians from all over the world are invited to perform.

This time is also used to “La Flamme de la Paix” or The Flames of Peace.  In 1996 a ceremony was held in the same general area where 3,000 guns where put in a pile and burned.  This was done to help stop the violence that had plagued the area for sometime.  The guns not only being destroyed and there for taken out of the conflict but also what remained was left as a monument to the event.


The following are links to learn more:





Getting ready for next year

It has been awhile since I have posted and wanted to explain what is going on. I have been intimidated by my own blog and podcast. This can be very daunting to come up with something for everyday, so to make up for this I am planning on taking the next few weeks to get ready for next year.

So be ready for the daily posts starting January 1st but I will be posting some until then.