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Racial Harmony Day, Singapore and Belgian National Day

- Racial Harmony Day, Singapore

A day to commemorate the 1964 racial riots, when students will reflect on and celebrate the rich racial diversity of Singapore. The day has been celebrated since 1998, with students dressing in traditional clothing and playing traditional games.

- Belgian National Day

The swearing in of the King of Belgium happened on July 21, 1831, which marked the formation of the Kingdom of Belgium. Having just recently attained its independence, a constitutional convention was established that draft their first constitution. The soon to be King, Leopold of Saxe-Cobourg, swore allegiance to the constitution making him the first King. This marked the end of the Belgian Revolution.

since then it has come to be associated with a place to hold the head of several international headquarters, such as the European Union and NATO.

During the National Day there is a review of the military and police by the King, currently King Philippe who ascended to the throne on last years National Day when his father resigned. There are also booths around the capital, Brussels, of the different agencies of the government to let the public know what they do and answer questions. And like many Nation Days there are fireworks to conclude the celebration in the evening.


Holidays for the week of 21 July 2014


Galla Bayramy, 3rd Sunday in July, Turkmenistan

Galla Bayramy 3rd Sunday in July


The Wheat Harvest festival in Turkmenistan is celebrate on the 3rd Sunday in July. One of the oldest agricultural regions in the world, the Turkmen have known longer than most of the world how important agriculture is to civilisation. They, of course, treat this festival time with great honor and importance. During this time many festivals are held throughout the country, from concerts to cultural festivals.




Happy Galla Bayramy!



Burmese Martyr's Day, July 19th 

On July 19th in 1947 a large percentage of the ruling government were assassinated. Since then the leadership of the nation has held this day to honor those who died in the attack.



July 18th - Mandela Day, International.

Nelson Mandela was born on July 18th 1918, he fought for the equal rights for people of color in South Africa. The first United Nations Mandela Day was in 2010 but other countries had recognized it in 2009. This is a day to embrace the ideals of Nelson Mandela. Service is the most important thing on this day. According to the Mandela Day website he lived by three rules, Free yourself, free others and serve every day. Mandela gave 67 years service they ask that we give at least 67 minutes this day and to try and make every day a day of service.

Happy Mandela Day!