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National Day of Commemoration - Ireland Sunday closest to July 11th

This is the day when ceremonies take place to honor those who have died in service of Ireland.  First held in 1985, it replaced several other days that were used to remember those who died in different armed conflict throughout Irelands history.  With Ireland being such a new country (fully independent in 1931) and there being opposition to that independence as well as the Irish Civil war, people objected to the different dates for various reasons.  July 11th was chosen since it was the date of the signing of the truce ending the Irish War of Independence.

The ceremony  has both military and religious elements, starting with an interfaith service with members of Christian denominations, Jewish and Islamic faiths.  Then there is a laying of the wreath and the playing of reveille.

That is all I have for today but if I have missed anything or if you think I might miss a future holiday let me know at or on twitter @holidayaday.

And remember is a holiday out there somewhere every day.


Happy Independence Day Kiribati as well as São Tomé and Príncipe

Independent and Sovereign Republic of Kiribati Independence Day

In 1979 Kiribati gained it's independence from Great Britain. An island nation in the south pacific straddling the equator it is also the furthest east of all the countries as it is next to the International Date line.  Actually prior to 1995 it straddled the IDL so that government offices could only work with other offices 4 days a week since it was the weekend in the eastern most part when the western part was Friday.

Happy Independence Day Kiribati!

Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe Independence Day

In 1975 this small island nation in the Gulf of Guinea, near the equator, received it's independence from Portugal. One of the first African nations to embrace democratic reform in the 1990s.  Originally uninhabited till their discovery by Portuguese sailors, the islands first became an area to grow sugar and then as a stopping point for the international slave trade. It is now a self ruling nation with the descendants of those who were forced there against their will to work for the landowners taking ownership of their country.

Happy Independence Day São Tomé and Príncipe

Fun side note, as São Tomé and Príncipe is in the Gulf of Guinea, which is has the Prime Meridian going through it, and near the equator and Kiribati straddling the equator and at one point the International Date Line, these two countries are almost exactly opposite each other on the globe.


Podcast for July 12 2014


Maritime Day of China, July 11


Independence Day The Bahamas and Nikola Tesla Day, July 10 2014

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